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Mobile Home Garden Tubs

Mobile Home Garden Tubs – A New Innovation In Garden Bath Tubs, Expect More Enhancements

Are mobile home garden tubs feasible? What does garden bath tub mean? Garden bath tubs had been introduced about three centuries ago. The origin can be traced back from the French and English who built big bathrooms and installed bath tubs overlooking the garden. Today, garden bath tubs connote a deeper and larger tub for soaking purposes. Following the French and English era for garden bath tubs was innumerable innovations in the garden bath tubs. Today, we even have the mobile home garden tubs.

The mobile type of bath tubs is entirely different from those installed in houses. It is smaller as it never can enjoy the luxury of space. There are models that are raised above the floor and the space in between the base of the tub and the floor is used to install the drain lines. Although the installation of mobile garden home tub can be done, it should be noted that the mobile home bath tub is not equipped with overflow drain.

ABS (Plastic) and Fiberglass as materials for mobile garden bath tubs

Unlike the typical garden bath tubs, the choice of materials for a mobile home garden bath tub is limited to ABS plastic and fiberglass only. Actually, the standard material is plastic. This is chosen because it is light in weight, around 30 pounds only. Descriptions for the plastic material are beautiful finish, versatile and rugged. It is easy to handle and likewise easy to install. As it is mobile, it can be applicable for rental units. Although this is only made from plastic, it can last long if accorded proper care.

The fiberglass material may be more expensive but is more durable. It is heavy duty and usually crack resistant. This will last longer than plastic mobile home garden bath tubs. With a shiny and reflective finish, the fiberglass is a beautiful bathroom fixture even in the simple mobile home bathroom.

Design of mobile home garden bath tubs

This type of bath tubs is usually lightweight and portable. As it is not permanently installed, it is supported either by short legs or by a Styrofoam base. The tubs with legs are preferred as they allow for ample room for the drains or sewer pipes to pass under. One disadvantage though of the tubs with legs is that they are prone to creak. As they do not sit on the floor, there is a tendency to sway.

Those with Styrofoam base are steadier because the base offers better support. But then, the disadvantage is the installation of the pipes;  it is not possible to run the pipes under the bath tub.

Garden tubs are really stylish and are now made available for mobile homes. These types of tubs come in different shapes, sizes and colors. As the space in a mobile home is limited, it is best to know the size of the tub relative to the available space. Both plastic and fiberglass mobile home bathtubs are available in different colors and sizes.

As innovations continue unceasingly, mobile home whirlpool tubs are available in the market. The heavy duty type of mobile home tub is coated with acrylic. With resins added to the under body of the tubs, additional strength and durability is accorded to the tub.

Mobile home garden tubs have become a important to many mobile homeowners. Even in mobile homes, people still want to experience the relaxing and soothing mood. With the continuous technological innovations, expect more enhancements on the different types of garden tubs.