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Analysis Of Three Kinds Of Square Tubs

Can bathrooms ever be complete without bath tubs – allegedly the most enthralling feature of the bathroom? What could be a more relaxing respite than soak the tired body in a tub of warm scented water? Lying or sitting in a tub of soapy water de-stresses the exhausted mind. Thus, it is an accepted fact that bath tubs are becoming necessity in an abode.  Most bath tubs are oval or rectangular in shape. Have you thought of having square tubs for your bathrooms? Indeed there are some new shapes of bath tubs such as the round or square tubs. Some could not imagine how could the body be immersed in square tubs? This is the remarkable change in bath tub designs!

With the square tubs available in the market, consumers began to replace the traditional oval and rectangular tubs into the square shaped ones. The appeal of a new shape, an unconventional design, makes for the uniqueness of a bathroom. Along with a change in shapes are variation in colors, materials and other features which mark the surfacing of a new trend.

The ordinary square bath tub evolved and was innovated. There emerged the sunken tubs, the acrylic tubs and the jetted tubs. However, as these tubs are a little modern and requires expertise in every aspect – installation, material and features, the ultra different styles may cost a little money.

Sunken square bath tub

This type of square bath tub can be considered as one of aesthetic artistry. Having one of these in your bathroom is very stylish. Sometimes called drop tubs, they are embedded in the floor. This  requires sturdy flooring. Ideal for soaking, a sunken tub has a wide range of spa features. It is great looking, includes air jets and ozone system. Having a spa feature, the sunken tub promotes circulatory and skin health. A model of the sunken tub is the Thai drop-in which is a spacious square tub that invites relaxing soaking moments   .

Acrylic square bath tub

The acrylic bath tub is vacuum molded from acrylic sheets and is reinforced for durability by fiberglass. Acrylic qualities include being inexpensive, lightweight and easy to repair or replace. It is non-porous and scratch proof. This lightweight tub is ideal to be converted into a whirlpool tub. Another feature of the acrylic bath tub is its capability to hold heat and keep the water in it warm for a long time. It is synthetic and comes in different colors.

Jetted square bath tub

The jetted square tub is one of the favorites of the moneyed class in the society. It is synonymous to whirlpool tub. Ideal for relaxation and soaking, this tub has built-in jets. It is analogous to a personal masseur because the hot and high speed of water can ease muscular pain and stiffness. The water coming out of the jets can soothe arthritis and other body pains.

Bath tubs – especially the different square tubs – carry the characteristics of luxurious relaxation. They have a style that makes the bathroom exceptional giving a person unbeatable euphoria while enjoying the spa or whirlpool features.