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Trough Planters

Believe And Agree That Trough Planters Are Eye Catchers

Nothing looks better in our yards and gardens than plants – especially the flowering botanicals. But what about small spaces like condominiums? Small spaces can be accented with indoor plants – depending on the species of plants and the type of planters. In both big and small areas, the trough planters can be good option. Looking into different home and garden accessories, you will find the trough planters distinctive, appealing and very decorative.

Trough planters are better used for plants that do not grow tall. They can be good for outdoor and indoor plants. I would conceive of a trough as an elongated concave vessel, shallow and opened at the top. Some trough planters even resemble a feeding vessel for horses – this is just an imagined shape; but the shape is not limited to this – it can be rectangular or oval or any shape that catches one’s fancy. The sizes of trough planters can be big or small. The size is dependent upon the space in which it is intended to be placed. Then the plants are carefully chosen dependent upon the size and depth of the vessel.

Trough planters can be arranged separately, far from each other. Or when the area is bigger, like a certain section of a garden, they can be clustered to form a shaped floral design. You can always imagine an arrangement. Landscape designers can do justice to the trough planters and plants. They have better ideas. However, home and garden magazines offer several options.

There are different materials for trough planters available in garden shops – or on-line shops. The materials can be fiberglass, aluzinc, galvanized iron, stainless steel, terracotta, iron wrought. Although there are trough planters that are made of plastic, wood, cement and metal, these materials are less desired. Plastic is brittle, metal and cement are too heavy and wood can easily rot. All of these materials can be used for both indoors and outdoors. It just is dependent on the size.

Despite the many designs and materials of trough planters, many still favor the horse trough planters. Often, the trough planters have coco liners for displaying the pants and their flowers. The horse trough can even be placed on an iron wrought stand. This specialty planter that does great job in making your patios, decks, porches and outdoor sitting area outstanding eye catchers.  Window sills and railings are places that draw raves from passers-by. These are nice sites for a horse trough planted with colorful flower bearing plants.

As to other choices of trough planter materials, terracotta and fiberglass come next to the horse trough planters. These materials are more colorful than the horse trough. The latter is just lined with coco material which accounts for the limited color. The terracotta and fiberglass are really made with astonishing and electrifying colors. These are nice partners of plants with white or dull colored flowers. The color of the trough planters is enough to give a hint of hue to even a non-flowering plant.

Self-watering trough planters are also available in some shops. This is time saving and would definitely assure the continuous flow of water to nourish the plants. There are terrazzo trough planters which are best suitable in hotel lobby and side-street café.

You get unlimited choice with the trough planters. They are the best choice of landscape designers. No other alternative in decorating a patio or al fresco is better than a good choice of planters.